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About Us

About Mannar Craft

In tradition, we find comfort. A feeling that arises out of nostalgia… moments not forgotten, just locked away.

Mannar Craft is an e-commerce platform founded by Mr. Muhammad Sadiq with the dream of spreading the glory of traditional crafts and wares to the world, and opening up the global market to talented crafters, making their lives better.

The digital platform sells traditional crafts and wares in the world market and supports local crafters to get better global exposure. From cookware to home décor, we sell a wide range of finely made handicraft products. By rejuvenating the traditional cast iron cookware industry, we have managed to bring an alternative to toxic non-stick cookware. Mannar craft emerged as a top seller in Amazon India within a short period, by introducing a wide variation of Cast iron, copper, brass, bronze, Indalium, and wood products.

The strategy of directly sourcing top-quality products from crafters and delivering them worldwide, following proper packaging standards and customer care policies have made Mannar craft a trustworthy brand name in the industry.

Our Moto: There are a lot of local craftsmen who make good quality products with better finish, design, and quality. Their work style and perfection are unmatchable. We understood that our local Crafters aren't getting rewarded as they ought to be for their excellent craftsmanship. Many of their products failed to capture global attention.

After understanding the issues that existed in the system, Mannar Craft started capturing orders from around the world via our digital platform & extended exciting business opportunities to the local craftsmen. Unlike Amazon or Flipkart, which forces the crafter to do the whole from accepting orders to packing and shipping, Mannar craft simplified the process by sourcing finished goods from crafters, taking orders, packing, and shipping them to customers as needed. With the ‘seal’ of the Mannar Craft brand, we aspire to give the Kerala crafts industry a more organized appeal and enable the world to identify the finest and most precious pieces of indigenous work.

Our Director

Muhammad Sadiq, an engineer turned businessman is the founder and director of Mannar craft Pvt. Ltd. Born in God's own country where rich in heritage and culture is not just a tagline but a truth, he had so many options to do business with. But he decided that bringing up his places' heritage was his thing. After in-depth study and proper planning, he started Mannar craft with the vision to make Kerala’s local crafts accessible to people across the globe and improve the living standard of highly skilled local crafters.

Our Team

The journey started from a rented office cum storeroom with 1 laptop and 3 staff have now reached the stage of having a fully operative office setup with 30+ employees working in various sections along with productive support of more than 300 crafters. We have an efficient team of employees working harmoniously at production, packing, sales, back-end, designing, and operations.